Six Flags Great America Rides List

Rider Height Chart

Minimum height in inches to ride.

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Ride Name LC 36 <42 42 48 54
American Eagle N N N N Y Y
Batman The Ride N N N N N Y
Big Easy Balloons N N N Y Y Y
Chubasco N a1 A Y Y Y
Columbia  a1 a1 A Y Y Y
Condor N N N A Y Y
Dare Devil Dive N N N a4 a4 Y
Déjà Vu N N N N N Y
Demon N N N Y Y Y
East River Crawler  N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Fiddler's Fling N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Giant Drop N N N N Y Y
Great America Raceway  N a1 A Y Y Y
Hometown Fun Machine  N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Ice Mountain Splash  N a1 A Y Y Y
Iron Wolf N N N N N Y
The Jester's Wild Ride N N N Y Y Y
King Chaos N N N N N Y
Logger's Run N a1 A Y Y Y
The Orbit N N N Y Y Y
Ragin' Cajun N N N N Y Y
Raging Bull N N N N N Y
Revolution N N N N N Y
Ricochet N N N A A Y
River Rocker N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Roaring Rapids N A A Y Y Y
Rue La Dodge  N N N YD YD Y
Scenic Railway A Y Y Y Y Y
Sky Trek Tower A Y Y Y Y Y
Space Shuttle America  N a3 a3 Y Y Y
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets N Y Y Y Y Y
Splashwater Falls N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Superman - Ultimate Flight N N N N N Y
Trailblazer N N N Y Y Y
Triple Play  N a2 a2 Y Y Y
Vertical Velocity N N N N N Y
Viper N N N N Y Y
Whirligig N N N Y Y Y
Whizzer   N a2 a2 Y Y Y


< = Less than.

a1:  Under 42" with Adult

a2:  36" with Adult or 42" alone

a3: Space Shuttle America - 36" w/ Adult (non-motion seat only) or 42" alone.

a4: 42" w/Adult or 54" alone

YD -  Rue La Dodge - Driver Must be at least 54"

A = An Adult must ride along with rider.

LC = Lap Child.

N = No

Y = Yes

Rider Safety

Amusement park rides use manufacturer designed safety restraints to
accomodate people of average physical stature and body proportion.
Guests with unusually large body proportions may not be able to experience some rides.

Due to the potential for injury, persons with heart, back, or neck problems,
who have had recent surgery, or pregnant women should not participate
in any activity that may affect you adversely.


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