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Ragin' Cajun

Ride Name: Ragin' Cajun
Type: Wild Mouse / Spinning Coaster
Height: 42 feet, 8 inches
Drop: n/a
Angle of First Drop: n/a
Track Length: 1378 feet
Ride Duration: 2:30
Top Speed: 29 m.p.h.
Trains: 9 cars. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row 
Train Capacity: 4 riders per car
Ride Capacity: 900 riders per hour
Maximum acceleration: 2.5g's
Height Restriction: 48 inches
Opened: Spring 2004
Manufacturer: Reverchon
Ragin' Cajun is a fast track roller coaster unlike any other at Six Flags Great America. The only coaster of its type in the Midwest, Ragin' Cajun will zigzag guests through 1,378 feet of quick twists, tight curves and breathtaking drops. Its uniquely designed four-passenger cars spin independently throughout the ride course, so that no two ride experiences are alike. This family coaster's characteristic hairpin turns and sudden spins will have guests ragin' about their Cajun good time.

Ragin' Cajun
P1010746.JPG: SFGAm - Ragin Cajun Entrance
P5200081.JPG: SFGAm - Mardi Gras Media Day - Ragin' Cajun Car
P5200084.JPG: SFGAm - Mardi Gras Media Day - Ragin' Cajun
P5240093.JPG: SFGAm - Ragin' Cajun
P5310007.JPG: SFGAm - Ragin Cajun' Neon Sign
P6290006.JPG: SFGAm -Ragin' Cajun - From Sky Trek Tower
P6290034.JPG: SFGAm - Ragin' Cajun - Car going up the lift.
P6290036.JPG: SFGAm - Ragin' Cajun - Tempory delay in operation