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Rides No Longer At At Six Flags Great America:

Allie's Trolley ( currently used only in parades)


Big Top (Renamed to Ricochet and moved to Southwest Territory)

Bottom's Up

Cajun Cliffhanger

Davey Jones Dinghies

Delta Flyer (Sky Ride - One way trip from Orleans Place to County Fair)

Eagle's Flight (Sky Ride - One way only from County Fair to Orleans Place)

The Edge  (Moved to SFWoA) - Renamed to Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall

Ferris Wheel

Gulf Coaster

Hay Baler

Industrial Revolution

Power Dive (Was located on the site of The Edge)

Rolling Thunder ( Located in what is now Southwest Territory)

Shockwave ( Closed August 2002)

Sky Whirl (Triple Ferris wheel)

Southern Cross (Sky ride)

Tidal Wave ( Was located on the site of Batman the Ride)

Traffique Jam (Car Ride)

Yukon Yahoo

Z-Force ( Currently at Magic Mountain - re named to "Flashback") (Was located on the site of Iron Wolf)

If you know of any others let me know.

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