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Gurnee, Il - For Centuries, man has dreamed of flying high and soaring like a Super Hero high above the world
below. That dream is now reality. Preparing for it's 28th season of delivering unique thrills and entertainment,
Six Flags Great America today announces a new thrill that is unlike any other in the Midwest.

Soaring in the spring of 2003, SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT is the newest generation of roller coaster
providing an unparalleled flying experience for all to embark on its journey. Based on the DC Comics Super
Hero, SUPERMAN, the World's Greatest Super Hero and a timeless America icon, SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE
FLIGHT'S phenomenal airborne experience will give everyone the opportunity to soar like a Super Hero and fly
freely like never before.

The name SUPERMAN evokes images of freedom and breathtaking flying adventure," said Jim Wintrode, Six
Flag's Great America's general manager. "SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT combines the world's best roller
coaster technology with man's desire to soar through the air, making it the most unique ride to come to this
area of the country."

The adventure begins the moment passengers board the sleek and colorful, 32-seat train sitting four abreast.
The unique seats of this coaster tilt riders face-first into a flying position before they leave the station, so that 
everyone is suspended horizontally from the track above. The anticipation builds as passengers, secured by
specially designed over-the-shoulder harnesses and lap bars, climb the 109-foot lift hill with nothing but a bird's
eye view below. With arms stretched forward and feet trailing behind, passengers on SUPERMAN -
ULTIMATE LIGHT fly freely like never before. For almost three minutes, riders sail through sharp dives,
high banked curves and spirals uniquely designed to enhance this flying experience. The coaster's track is
barely visible as riders are transported from a theme park attraction to the imaginative and limitless
experience that comes from soaring through the sky, creating an experience that no one will ever forget.

The signature feature of SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT comes as riders sail through the first-ever, pretzel-
shaped inverted loop, climbing to the top of the large looping figure and diving into a curve which brings them
amazingly close to the ground, amplifying the sensational feeling of flying.

Rounding out the flight is a surprising 360-degree in-line roll just before the train enters the station, turning
average coaster enthusiasts into high-flying Super Heroes.

"SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT's innovative design system and state-of-the-art technology make it a must
ride for every theme park enthusiast," said Wintrode

SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT's remarkable flight pattern covers more than 2,798-feet, with two sleek
trains soaring over virtually invisible track at speeds greater than 50 mph.

"Our guests expect the best in thrills and entertainment. SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT perfectly
compliments the park's vast and varied coaster collection," added Wintrode

Six Flags Great America will now boast twelve wide-ranging roller coaster thrills, including intensely tall and
fast, suspended looping, boomerang, wooden, launching and even child-size thrills. The addition of
SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT enhances the coaster package, now offering guests the ability to FLY!

SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT will be the park's fourth coaster designed by Swiss engineers Walter
Bolliger and Claude Mabillard, considered by many as the industry's premier roller coaster manufacturers.
Bolliger and Mabillard's other three Six Flags Great America coasters - Iron Wolf, Raging Bull and BATMAN
THE RIDE - consistently rank among the park's most popular rides.

For more park information, call 847-249-2133 or visit Six Flags Great America on the web at

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