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Yukon Territory

An authentically landscaped area resembling the rugged Klondike Region during the Gold Rush era.
Yukon Territory is the home of: Looney Tunes National Park and Camp Cartoon Network.

Rides and Attractions located in Yukon Territory:

Logger's Run

Camp Cartoon Network

Looney Tunes National Park


Maw and Paw's Trail Grub
Sweet corn-on-the cob and giant turkey legs.

Mooseburger Lodge
Build your own burger, try hot ribs or feast on chicken.
(Special kid's meals available.)

Beef and Cheddar sandwiches are the specialty.

Snowshoe Saloon
New in 2004, enjoy a unique dining experience with your favorite Looney Tunes Characters.
June 19 - August 15


Saskatchewan Smash - Adults and kids can step right up and fire a fast ball at targets to win a prize.


Cartoon Cabin - Features clothes and souvenirs that will make you say,
"Scooby Dooby Doo!!!" All you favorite characters are here.

Six Flags Kids - Look no further than Six Flags Kids to search for something special
to give your little one.