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Six Flags Great America Information

General Information for Guests with Disabilities

We are committed to providing each of our Guests with an enjoyable, memorable and safe experience. Our goal is to accommodate our Guests' needs to the best of our ability. Our procedures have been developed with your safety and comfort, along with all of our Guests in mind. This guide provides an overview of services and facilities for Guests with Disabilities - particularly those who use a wheelchair who are visiting our Park. Please visit Guest Relations at the start of your visit for more information on ride accessibility, All of our games, arcades, restaurants, shops and theatres are accessible by wheelchair. Many of our rides are not recommended for Guests who are recovering from a recent surgery or are experiencing back or neck problems. Please consult with the Qualifier Sign located outside the entrance of each ride prior to boarding.


Safety is the top priority at Six Flags Great America. All Guests should assess their abilities to ride each ride prior to boarding (see chart for details). While most rides and attractions are accessible to Guests visiting in wheelchairs, it should be noted that some Guests may be denied the opportunity to board a certain ride in the interest of personal safety. Determination is based upon any Guest's ability to utilize all safety restraints and maintain a proper riding posture.


Safety restraint systems and ride intensities vary from ride to ride. Please ask a Ride Host or Hostess if you have any questions regarding the nature of a specific ride. Although remote, there is always a possibility that a situation may arise that would necessitate being removed quickly from a ride that is not in its usual unloading area. These occasions are rare; however, there may be limitations on the number of disabled Guests permitted to ride at the same time.


If you have a group of disabled individuals, please visit Guest Relations for more information. Most rides require Guests to step up or down to board. All rides have height requirements that every rider must meet.

Ride Requirements

Our rides require Guests to transfer from their wheelchairs to a ride system either by themselves or with the assistance of a member of their party. Six Flags Great America Hosts and Hostesses are not trained in lifting or carrying procedures, and therefore, are not permitted to assist Guests on and off the rides. For safety reasons, some Guests might not be able to properly utilize all ride safety restraints and devices and maintain a proper riding position throughout the ride is the determining factor. Safety restraints are designed to accommodate Guests of average physical stature. Guests with casts, braces or other restrictive devices may not be safely accommodated by these restraints. Safety restraints and forces vary from ride to ride, so please ask a ride Host or Hostess if you have any questions concerning a specific ride's operation.

Ride Entrance

In order to bypass a Rides entrance queue and access the ride from the exit, you must obtain a Ride Accessibility Pass from Guest Relations. All Guests accessing a ride via the exit must have a Ride Accessibility Pass issued by Guest Relations. Many of the ride entrance queue lines are not wheelchair accessible. Please refer to the signs located at each of the ride's entrances indicating the wheelchair access location.


Certain rides allow Guests in wheelchairs to be mainstreamed through the ride's entrance (see chart). Ride Accessibility Passes are not honored at the exits of these rides unless the Ride Accessibility Pass indicates a special exception. Ride Accessibility Passes are issued in the disabled Guest's name for use by him/her and a maximum of three additional companions. The disabled Guest must ride with their companions. All others in the party must go through the general entrance and wait in line. Guests using alternative entrances may be required to wait varying periods of time, depending on the attraction. As a courtesy to other Guests, we reserve the right to limit repeat rides on the same attraction - see the Ride Accessibility Pass for details.

Guest Services

Throughout the park, our Hosts and Hostesses are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more detailed information about the Park or specific services, you may inquire at our Guest relations offices located at the entrance to the Theme Park.

First Aid

The First Aid station, staffed with paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians is located in Hometown Park across from The Orbit. Refrigeration for medications is located at First Aid.


Wheelchairs are available for rental on a first-come, first served basis. A daily rental charge plus a deposit is required (a driver's license or credit card). Rental is located just outside the Main Entrance of the Park.


All Park restrooms are accessible by wheelchair. Please consult the Park map in your Park Guide for restroom locations.


If Guests using wheelchairs cannot maneuver through the ordering lines, our Hosts or Hostesses are available for assistance at all restaurants and food stands. We are also happy to assist any Guest with visual impairments with menu selections.


A telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available at Guest Relations, First Aid and at Southwest Territory payphones.


When visiting our show facilities, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to show time if you need assistance from a Host or Hostess. If you use a wheelchair but are able to transfer to a seat, we ask you to do so to allow us to accommodate others using wheelchairs.

Accessible Parking

Parking spaces near the Main Gate are available on a first- come, first-served basis for vehicles displaying an official state-issued Disabled Parking Permit.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted listening devices for use in all theatres are available in Guest Relations.

Guests Using Service Animals

Service animals are not allowed on rides and attractions where they may create a hazard or pose a threat to the safety of our Guests or the animal. Guests utilizing service animals are fully responsible for the care and behavior of their service animal.

Audio Guide Book

An Audio Park Guide and information regarding additional accommodations for Guests with visual impairments is available in Guest Relations.

For More Information

For additional information, please call Six Flags Great America at (847) 249-INFO (4636) and speak to a member of our Admissions staff. Hearing impaired with a TDD should use the Illinois Relay Center at 1-800-526-0857




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