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United States - Official Sites

AIMS Int'l - The Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers (AIMS) Trade Association.

 AmusementParkHotel.com - You'll find all the best prices on hotel reservations near all of your favorite amusement parks worldwide, 24 hours a day. - link not working when checked

Amusement Products LLC. - Amusement Products has dedicated its existence to creating fun for the world through exciting and innovative products.

Amusement Park Accidents - Features amusement ride accident reports and related news.

Amusement Technologies International - AmTech offers a full range of new and pre-owned amusement rides. - Exclusive Representative For Tivoli Manufacturing Ltd.

Amusement Today - Monthly magazine.

Amusement Trader - Place to sell your new or used amusement equipment.

Arrow Dynamics (S+S Power) - Ride Manufacturer.

Bembom Rides - Ride Manufacturer.

Bertazzon - Ride manufacturer of Music Express and other rides.

Boardwalk Fries - Foodservice Vendor.

Branson Missouri Information and Tourist Attractions - The Ultimate Branson Information Resource for Show Tickets, Attractions, Vacation Packages, Hotels, Lodging and more.

Cantilevered Coaster Systems - The Latest Concept In Ride Systems.

Coasterbuzz.com - Amusement and Theme Park related Forums and News.

Coaster Dynamics - Educational software that combines the fun of designing a virtual roller coaster with learning physics.

Coaster Gallery.com - Features information and over 1,600 original roller coaster pictures from various parks. 

Chance Morgan - Ride manufacturer.

Dartron Industries - Manufacturer of Cliffhanger and other rides.

Dippin' Dots - Cryogenically frozen ice cream.

ELI Bridge Co. - Manufacturer of the Scrambler and other rides.

Far Fabbri (Mega Drop Site)

Flow Rider - Sheet Flow Systems.

Force Engineering - Supplier of Linear Induction Motors.

Foster Mfg Corp - Bumper Boat manufacturer

Gatemaster Systems - Point of sale ticketing.

Gamma Garb - Supplier of Lobe Strobes, Belly Lights, E-Shirts and other cool items.

Great Coasters International - Ride manufacturer - Offers the smoothest, most twisted and highest quality wooden roller coaster attractions in the world.

Great Illinois Comprehensive directory and guide to everything in Illinois

Gravity Works, Inc. - Extreme Rides for Amusement Parks and Fairs.

Hopkins Amusement Rides - Ride manufacturer

Huss Maschinenfabrik - Ride manufacturer.

IMAX - Official Site

Intamin AG - Manufacturer of Amusement Rides and Urban Transportation Systems.

Int'l Assoc. of Amusement - 
Parks and Attractions
- The largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities.

IALEI  - International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry.

iWERKS - Official Site

JPM Productions - Company that produces Fright Fest for Six Flags Great America and other parks.

KMG (Kermis Machinebouw Gaasendam) - Ride manufacturer

Koala Play Group - Manufacturer of Interactive Play Attractions.

L&T Systems Amusement Rides - Ride manufacturer.

Laser Chaser - Manufacturer of Laser Tag Equipment.

Larson International - Ride manufacturer.

Mack Rides - Ride manufacturer.

MaxFlight Corporation - Simulators

Mondial Rides - Ride manufacturer of Magnum and other rides.

Moser Rides - Ride manufacturer.

NBGS International - Waterpark design and manufacturing. (Master Blaster)

nWave Pictures - Producers of ride films, virtual reality and large format IMAX films. 

Premier Rides - Manufacturer of Poltegeist, Mr. Freeze, Flying Scooters and other rides.

Preston and Barbieri Group - Ride sales and service. 

Reverchon Industries - Manufacturer of Ragin' Cajun and other rides.

Rides-4-U  - Supplier of New and Used Amusements.

Rollercoaster Corporation of America - Manufacturer and builder of quality wooden roller coasters. link not working when checked

Roller Coaster Database - Info and Pictures of rollercoasters

Rollercoaster King - Roller Coaster Enthusiast Website. link not working when checked

Rollercoaster Videos - Amazon.com

Ronald Bussink Professional Rides - Ride manufacturer.

S+S Power Inc. - Manufacturer of Power Tower and other rides.

SBF Rides - Ride manufacturer of Musik Express and other rides.

Safer Parks - A Consumer's Guide to Safe Thrills at U.S. Amusement Parks and Carnivals.

Sally Corporation - Animatronics and dark rides.

Santori Rides Int'l Group - Ride manufacturer.

Sellner Manufacturing Co. - Builders of the Tilt-A-Whirl & other family amusement rides.

SimEx - Designs and builds Special Venue Attractions.

Sno Biz - Supplier of shaved ice treats, smoothies, gourmet hot dogs and other treats.

Soli s.r.l. - Bumper car manufacturer ( Rue le Dodge )

Splash Magazine - Online magazine.

Theme Park Adventure Magazine - Theme Park Adventure is a publication created for themed entertainment enthusiasts.

Thrill Network - Theme Park Enthusiast Site.

Thrilltime, Inc. - Manufacturer of the Skycoaster® and other high-speed thrill rides.

Vekoma - Manufacturers of Déjà vu, X-Flight and other rides.

White Water West Industries - Water rides and attractions.

Wisdom Rides - Ride manufacturer.

Wood Entertainment - Rides operator and consultants.

Zamperla -  Manufacturer of Jester's Wild Ride, Big Easy Balloons and other rides.

Zierer Rides Manufacturer of the Wave Swinger and other rides.

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