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Hurricane Harbor

Safety Information

Important Safety Information

Warning: Follow instructions of water safety lifeguard staff at all times

Failure to follow all rules may result in serious injury to yourself or others.

Good hygiene is important for safe, clear water.

  • Please shower yourself and your child before entering the water.
  • Children should be told not to drink the pool water.
  • Diaper dependent guests must wear approved waterproof swim diapers
    in all pools and attractions.
  • Changing Diapers on or around pool decks is not permitted.
  • Please wash hands with soap and water after changing a diaper.
  • Anyone who has experienced a stomach and/ or intestinal illness
    within the past two weeks should not participate in any water activities.

Safety Information

  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • No running allowed.
  • Life jackets are available for weak and non swimmers at no charge
    at the main changing facility (limited quantities are available).
  • Some attractions have specific height and health restrictions that are
    strictly enforced.
  • Please read all posted requirements and restrictions posted at the entrance of
    each attraction prior to waiting in line and participating.
  • Personal flotation devices are prohibited.
  • An all day tube rental is available and is located at "Aruba Tuba" tube rentals.
  • Smoking is permitted at Saltwater Sal's Beachside Bar only.

Proper Attire is Required

  • Swimsuits will be permitted in Hurricane Harbor only and must be
    appropriate for a family environment.
  • Proper shoes and attire must be worn when guests are returning to
    the theme park.
  • Swimsuits with buttons, zippers, rivets, or snaps are not permitted on
    some attractions.
  • Denim cut-offs or shorts are not permitted on some attractions.
  • Shirts, shorts and aqua socks must not be removed for some attractions.


  • Lockers are for the use of guests utilizing waterpark attractions only.
  • All lockers must be emptied by 7:15 p.m. - no exceptions.
  • Lockers not emptied by 7:15 p.m. Will be cleared and contents will be
    taken to lost and found.
For Your Safety And Benefit
  • Training of the Hurricane Harbor life guard staff is continuous.
  • Training drills may occur at any time in any of the pools.
  • Training drills may involve mannequins or simulated victims. Thank
    you for your understanding and support. Any questions should be
    directed to a park supervisor.

Park Policies And Information

  • Do not leave personal items unattended.
  • Six Flags Great America / Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is not responsible
    for lost or stolen items.
  • All-day locker rentals are available.
  • Line jumping and profanity are offensive to the guests - offenders may
    be removed from Six Flags property without a refund.
  • Failure to follow instructions of lifeguard staff or observe safety
    rules may result in removal from Hurricane Harbor or Theme Park.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in Hurricane Harbor.
  • Food and Drinks are not permitted on the rides.
  • Chewing gum or candy are not permitted on the rides.


  • Inclement weather in the general vicinity of the park may cause attractions
    or pools to close.
  • Waterpark staff will not re-open until unsafe conditions
    completely move from the area.
  • Please follow directions of the park staff, your safety is their first priority.




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