Restaurants and Food Stands at Great America

County Fair

Farmers Market - Eight restaurants in one location at this food court.

Jose's Cantina - Tacos, Taco Salads, Nachos, Churros.

Panda Express - Chinese Food.

Schultz's Hotdogs - Chili-Cheese Hotdog, Bratwurst & Fries.

Dippin' Dots - Ice Cream.

Calico's Famous Fried Chicken - Chicken Strips, Buffalo Hot Wings, Chicken Caesar Salad & Fries.

County Fair Grill - Sirloin Burgers, Sirloin Bacon Cheese Burgers, Fries, Cheese Fries.

Andre's French Fries - Small, Medium or Large Fries, Foot-Long Corn Dog.

Pizza Express - Pepperoni or Sausage Pizza, Cheese-Filled Breadsticks, Strawberry Cheesecake.

Classic favorites from sirloin burgers to chicken sandwiches.
(Special kid's meals available.)

Funnel Cake Foundry
Hot funnel cakes served with fresh toppings.

Hometown Square

Sidetrack Sodas
Cold drinks and hot pretzels.

Hometown Funnel Cake
Delicious funnel cakes.

Aunt Martha's Chicken Dinner Restaurant
Fried chicken dinners served with all the trimmings.
(Special kid's meals available.)

Firehouse Pizza
Hot pizzas and dipped ice cream in a colossal cone.

Mardi Gras

Bayou Grill
Items range from Grilled burgers to chicken sandwiches.
(Special kid's meals available)

Orleans Place

Pizza Orleans
Personal-sized pizzas and garlic breadsticks.

Bourbon Street Cafe
You can choose from fresh sandwiches, salads and deserts.

Antoine's Ice Cream Parlor
Tame your sweet tooth with tasty funnel cakes and waffle cone sundaes!

 Southwest Territory

Crazy Buffalo Saloon
Don't forget to visit the all-you-can-eat Boomtown Buffet!
Special kid's meals available.

Fiesta Fries and Fajitas
After you challenge Raging Bull, tackle hand-cut home style fries and fantastic fajitas.

Yankee Harbor

Angelo's Pasta and Pizza
Fresh salad, hot pizza and giant servings of pasta.

Picnic Grove
Reserved for group outings of 50 or more.
For Information please call (847) 625-7518

Yukon Territory

Maw and Paw's Trail Grub
Sweet corn-on-the cob and giant turkey legs.

Mooseburger Lodge
Build your own burger, try hot ribs or feast on chicken.
(Special kid's meals available.)

Beef and Cheddar sandwiches are the specialty.

Snowshoe Saloon
New in 2004, enjoy a unique dining experience with your favorite Looney Tunes Characters.
June 19 - August 15

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